Hello all, Veruca Babii host manager of the lovely Bella Vida. I want to share with you why I adore Agnes Finney, My Precious Store here at the Bella Vida Mall.

We all agree that Agnes does a wonderful job in all her work. Now lets me say that I love the way that her gowns flutter around you. How it sways as you walk, as you dance and even as you stand! Who doesn’t like to watch themselves on the dance floor as material sweeps around you and your partner like loving arms.

You will always find wonderful colors and textures on her gowns. So many that you get dizzy. But such a wonderful spin it is!

Come down to Bella Vida and see the great shops here and visit My Precious from Agnes Finney. Once you have one of her gowns you will know what it’s like to be a Precious Princess.

Bella Vida – Agnes Finney

Veruca Babii