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At Bella Vida, we have been getting lot of awesome new releases, and as alway great gifts for you all.We are out to put a smile on your faces, and lots of events where you can take your love one for a dance without a care about the word.

D-Design has a new release for men – Moni – an elegant casual outfit. It includes high quality trousers, socks and a shirt in all layers (for tucked and untucked version) with sculpted sleeves and collar with the resizer.
This outfit is at affordable price 🙂 – 275 LD



Summer in fall  bring out Gelese Giano Signature metallic Monokni sets.These sets
Can be worn in varies ways,beside the beach, skirt for versatility, pair the monokini swimsuits with your favorite skinny Jeans or hot short “They have been a hit with the Dance club party circuit.”Flexi Metal mesh skirt which includes, a wide Hip Leather Shimmer white belt accented with either Silver or Gold RINGS/ BUCKLES/ or SASH with fine small Silver or Gold Studs

Gelese Giano has a Bridal Collection you should also check out.

And she has a great gift for us all.Two beautifully detailed gowns Join her VIP  group and wear group tag to get the free gowns.  Hurry this great deal wont last long!!

You only need your classic elegance to make a statement….Introducing The l’élégance classique Collection from Jewelry By Jake , ..from a party for a princess to your Regal elegant black tie wedding this is perfect when you want to make a statement,  This will be sold at limited stores right now. All jewelry is transferable for gifts.  Surprize her with classic elegance.

Jolie Creations just released a new outfit called  “Liza” , this has limited edition of 30 for each color will be on sale with 40% discount = 400L this offer is on till  1 PM SL Saturday, February 27 dress.


From one of our newest Vendor M.E Fashion we have this outfit , for those who love black colour and magic tails…Malegria  made this new dress, thinking about a modern witch :)The dress has high details, accessories,  and low price, only 250 L$.

Come Dance and Shop the weekend away and welcome March for springgggg time 🙂



D-DESIGN is a new label in Second life, and even though it has only been around for a short time, it has become a favorite for many ladies. Its motto is “A shop for different clothes.” As you will see, D-DESIGN outfits are quite diverse in range, and they each have their own special style — elegant, yet modern, and always with a unique twist that will catch your eye. D-DESIGN clothes are transferable, so any purchase can be given as a gift.



 Sophia is a new release – a part of D-DESIGN Exclusive Line.It is a gown with top in two layers, flexi skirt, FLEXI ruffle, white gloves and gloves in the matching texture, matching shoes and a handbag with animation. It comes in 3 beautiful deep colors with very delicate shading.


And lastly there is a new gown that is made for Bella Vida’s grand re-opening gift exclusively – Blue&White. Don’t forget to grab this awesome gift because It’s only up for limited time.


                                                                TAXI TO D-DESIGNA@ BELLA VIDA

Never a dull moment at Bella Vida Velvet and Jazz Club, again we employ you to join us on feb 18th for Martini

Yes did you hear that Martini ! Martini in the Morning will be Live @ Bella Vida

Find Below the Invitation

At the Mall we have been giving out gifts and items, and we expect to receive more 🙂

Im going to model some of the items which were given  away for the re-opening for free so those who havent received will see what they are missing. Note this items are still available at the Mall and everything you see been modelled here are all free.

Hurry over and get this free gifts  because it going to be for a limited time.. and also take the time to see the wonderful items from the different designers.


It has been lot of fun at Bella Vida all through the weekend and we at Bella Vida are still not exhausted 🙂 we want to keep having  fun! fun !! fun!!!. So come join us today for Mardi Gras!

                                          BELLA VIDA VELVET JAZZ CLUB

Venez on, venez tous à la célébration de mardi gras de Bella Vida.  We have a wonderful line up for you:

Win 1000L for the Best Mardi Gras Costume. winner to be announced at 10pm SLT.

Dont forget to Look in the Malls , we have lovely items to meet your every need.

For Mardi Gras show we have some lovely mask been displayed at the Mall, you can check in Gelese Giano store for lovely mask in all sort of shapes, colors and size.. we need to make Mardi Gras  a colorful event and lots of prices to be worn for best costumes.. So hurry over!
                                                                                    TAXI TO GELESE GIANO

G & T Creations also have some nice Mardi Gras outfit for the event. You can check also the store in the mall.


To show we have been eagerly waiting for this moment, You will see Marienna  all dressed up in her Mardi Gras Costume.. all ready to spice our moment 🙂

Marienna is wearing Queue de Paon dress from CLIO and accessories from GELESE GIANO

Contributed by: Prazillo Lemon

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