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Jewelry Creations By Zuri is having a  Mothers Day Sale @ Bella Vida Jazz Only! YAY

Aztec dream comes with shimmer golds-set one with magic gem change. This set is for only 499Ls

There is also the Special Ensemble  in Dark ruby, Dark emerald and Citrine  also for  499Ls

She will love these Hideable “Mom” Pendants-show or hide “mom” simply by typing /5 hide or show into chat, and they have the MAGIC GEM feature with 15 gemstones to choose from all in one pendant! We have the Heart Earring Magic Gem for 199Ls

Also an awesome piece that the Moms will really love 🙂 , The Mom Pendant, Love You Mom1 , Love u mom 2  are all for 375Ls

The popular My Juliet is out also for Sales :-). We have the My Juliet Magic Pearl for  625Ls


And the My Juliet Black diamond on sale for 299Ls

Finally we have the  Heart of the Sea Topaz Silver and Heart of the Sea Pink Diamond Set for 399Ls

Check out these items which are for Sale and get your mother something awesome at Jewelry Creations By Zuri
From  D-DESIGN we have a new release called the “Saine” tops .These are unique tops that fit well to jeans, mini skirts as well as to more formal piece of clothes.
Available in three variants, you can have them all for only 65 LD!

From XENA we have this awesome and gorgeous peacock dress, it very flamoyant and very stunning.

And she has a gift for us all .


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