June is a month for weddings and D-DESIGN is offering a gown in your choice of white or black with silver that will make you look and feel ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. We want the customer to get excited about the dress and see themselves in it and feel like a bride.

 “London” is an elegant gown made of lace and sheer ruffled fabric with three options for wearing it. First a playful mini skirt to which you can added a longer skirt.  And also there is an even longer train which will have beautiful movement as you walk down the aisle. The short one you could use for the after-wedding party. The veil with diamond and gloves are included.

There is a Demo version of the gown available.

To complete this dress, you may want to choose “London sandals” that have that same flower with diamond as on the veil and a bow added at the back side.

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Its unusual style ensures the gown hugs the body tight and compliments the shape perfectly.  It has its own flexi skirt which moves beautifully as the bride does.  In removing the veil you can take your happy memories with you as this dress is also beautiful as a ball gown.

To all who are getting married, Congratulations from Dani ! YAY