Jairis  dazzles us with her delightful new releases!  Beautiful egyptian Bangles  in bright and enameled colors,gold 18K and precious gems.

Eye Osiris Bangles

Egyptians did not value jewelry for beauty only, it served for the magical and spiritual protection.

Eternity Cross

Also new is this stunning Enredadera Set, a realistic set designed in silver and gold tones,with some diamond details.

Completing this amazing set is the fabulous Group Gift….  matching bangles!!!

Flirty, sexy and fun can only describe this classy black lace dress over silk. The effect is elegant and eye catching. (Available in 4 colors).

Nude Dress

For our Men…

The Fresh Air Chemise Shirt has an open front, perfect for your favorite tee or tank. A modern shirt with sculpties and available in different colors.