The Fashion Trend Shop has been reloaded with new items from great designers. You might want to take a look because each items are not more than 300Ls and they are from among the best of the best designers.
I will be showing you weekly what we have at the Fashion shop .. stay connected.

Also is a new release from D-DESIGN : a baggy pants outfit

Be ready for hiking, biking, outdoor fun or indoor just looking awesome in the lastest ‘Top Girl’ outfit by D-DESIGN. The outfit is available in black, blue and white. The black one has 2 versions: the ‘clean’ one and the one with the lots of fun extras a (belt chain, a skull clip-on, safety pins and more).

The ‘clean’ version has left leg prims: one with a bottle of your energizing drink and for a little companion – a pet rat. It is also possible to modify it in case you don’t like any of them.
The extra version has rat only.