From Gelese Giano is this NEW RELEASE which is a Digitally Drawn Exclusive VIP ( Dot Pelazzi ) Gown.

Martello dote  Black and white Gown

 This is a Chic  fashion forward twist on Polka Dot, delicate white dotted  tulle  flow on top of Silk flexi train skirt, Peak, Deep heart, lapel accent white, trim Bodice, and silk Gloves with Polka Dot Cuffs.
Only 255L

Nebula  inspired Gown
It features Tiny burst of Dots where STARS are Born. From a distant it may seem like tiny hand drawn Flowers.  Heart  silk  Bodice,  Gold Tulle Flows… back and forth  around you on  the flexy Prim silk skirt . Sleeve fingerless arm gloves.

“NOT JUST A gown… more of  a Dot Pelazzi story.”
Only 255L

。.:* *.:。.:* *.:。.:* *.:

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At Lili’s Couture Collections is this new release gown called Lili’s Beso, it contains a Shawl, fitted bodice and mermaid tail skirt.  This is sold for half price at 325L  (Original price is 650L).  Hurry this offer is for a limited time.

Lili’s Couture Collections has an MM board it’s just 0/25 and when the knock down is achieved, she is changing the outfit! Ladies alway slap those board to get great stuff everyday!