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Thy Knight Before Christmas Hunt (TKBCH) at Bella Vida is still on and there are lot of awesome stuffs for everyone. The Hunt which is on from 23 Dec through January 5th consist of gorgeous items in the form of Lovely Gowns, Scarf, hats, necklaces etc and each items has been selected specifically for this Hunt.No mixing words together.. here are some of the items you will be hunting and it is well worth the hunt.



We have a new shop at Bella Vida called Heels By Humm YAY!!!! .

Some designs  for you at Heel By Humm

Elegant Laced textured High heel.  Three Straps delicately buckled by diamonte heart buckles.

Inspired by Dorothys Ruby Slippers how about some Heels made out of  diamonds, they twinkle with a unique sparkle particle.

Pink tiled Heel for going out on the town. Fun and sexy, and very girly.

A  Boot? or a Shoe? No its a Shootie.  Show off those seductive toes, painted nails, but keep your ankles warm :P.

A Valentine special, heart lock and key delicately attached to your ankle strap. Diamond hearts detailing the  strap and of course the color of love RED.

P.S For all shoes and heels from Humm . you can Change the color of your skin and nail varnish with a simple HUD and just touch to resize the shoe to fit you.

We have a new shop at Bella Vida called OH – Outfit House YAY!!! . Lot of exotic and sophisticated dresses for every lady which will cause all your friends  to say OH .. so Lovely 🙂

See some of the designs from OH, which goes with the names of Sexy, sophisticated, exotic, vibrant, ravishing and so on and so forth.Check them out for yourself and tell us what you think.. I think OH !!!!

Our Shop of the Week is GELESE GIANO YAY!!!!!. And since we are still bashing in the mood of the holiday. We have some New release and a 55Ls Sales on some selected gown from now till New Year Eve.

LaPrima Rue – New Release red lace which comes with a medieval inspired lapel bodice, Deep v cut back and front laced ties andSeam piping lower waist to fitting silhouette train , with soft flexi fur trim sleeves. It includes grand prima white lace ruffle cape , collar off center  ruby gem flower tie appliqué. The earrings is a Marquee cut diamonds set around in square ruby stone

Another New Release is the Kima Gown which is an emerald green velvet one shoulder gown with shimmer gold accents on the  bust and strap, sexy drape hip  gathered knot to a  high slit .It includes the Gelese Giano  ROX’s jewelry line – Bold modern chic box sculpted chandelier necklace and earrings in gold


To make the week extra fun for all. Lots of classic and gorgeous gowns are been sold  at this giveaway price of 55 Ls only. Check them all out and come get your best gowns for less price.

Happy Holidays   ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.☆
Gelese Giano

P.S Dont forget the Thy Knight Before Christmas Hunt still going on, Lots and Lots of awesome items you will find in the hunt.

The Queen♕ needs a new throne. The King ♔ calls upon you, The Bella Vida Knight ♘, to go hither and bash as much taxes as possible from thy freeloading peasants.

Your task, shouldest thou accept: Help the king ♔ collect the taxes from poor villagers and their shops by collecting coins.

Collect the GOLD coins and get some tremendous prizes from the market sellers here at Bella Vida.There are many shops along your travels for you to find the gold coins. Villagers are tricky and coins may be hidden anywhere in the Sim and in there shops.

Success to you Brave Knight!

Hint: Let the Light lead thy way.

While doing the hunt we hope you will enjoy our lovely jazz music, and LIVE music events. Please check signs by landing area for example of coins to seek.

✠ ✠ Our Villagers Shops ✠ ✠
Gelese Giano ✠ Styles by Danielle ✠ Lili’s Coutures Collection✠Jairis ✠ Alyssa Bijoux ✠ BlissCouture ✠ My Precious ✠ BG Shoes ✠ Virtual Impression ✠ Innuendo ✠ C&S Photography ✠ Clio Cardiff ✠ S.Town ✠ G&T Creations ✠ Indyra Originals ✠ Magnolia Designs ✠ Tres Beau Designs ✠ Lillou’s Designs ✠Mohna Lisa ✠Moonbeam ✠ Nils Island Store ✠ Leimoni ✠ SF Designs ✠ Matahari Styles ✠ Flirts ✠ Vogue Style ✠ Jewelry Creations by Zuri ✠ Chez Gabrielle

✠ ✠ Shops of Fashion Trend ✠ ✠
Moonstar ✠ Silhouette ✠ Zaph Creations ✠ Butterfly Effectz ✠ MY Satisfashion ✠ BC & Co.

The hunt starts 23rd Dec through 5th Jan 2011

What are we going to be looking out for?
Gold coins which will be hidden anywhere in the sim. A sample of the gold coin can be located on posters located around the sim.
Clues to where the gold coins are hidden will not be disclosed, you will have to figure out that yourself. When you find the Gold coins, click on it to buy the contents.


Join Bella Vida Velvet Jazz VIP Group if you wish by following this address you can easily type in local chat and then click on, or by requesting the host/hostess inside the club on his/her shift to add you:


✠ Go around the sim shops and around the club, and find the gold coins hidden with your prize inside it.

✠ If you go inside the club to do the hunt, please respect our FORMAL dress code and wear a gown or cocktail dress, or a nice tuxedo.

✠No harassing merchants/hunters

✠No shouting out locations of the hunt items.

✠ Bella Vida staff members DO NOT KNOW where coins are hidden so please do not disturb them with hunt enquires.

✠You can check our blog for hunt updates:

✠Please respect everyone participating: designers, shop owners, Bella Vida Staff and other hunters.

✠Please keep your prims as low as possible whilst hunting; do not wear a lot of primmy items, scripts and laggy items like meters and HUDs. These items will slow things down for everyone.

✠Please do not contact shop owners directly. All enquires should come to prazillo Lemon in the form of notecards as IM’s are frequently capped.


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