Another awesome release from GELESE GIANO is the Luxxor Mask which is a high polish ornate silver texture exposing the Nose , attaching to the sides of the cheek  are Silver  chain hoops piercing along  fore head  to nostrils. This is a modern mask with futuristic Black shimmer side wings, It is the perfect mask for all Carnival celebrations and  parties and most important Mardi Gras.

Also available are some lovely Uni gender Satin Gloves to spice the moment 🙂
50L each pack

Biannca Collection features  a sexy and elegant diamond cut out front and back, Sculpted stones with chain link halter, matching earring. High slit gown with thigh high tights. Sheer light blue above wrist length lace gloves.

Exclusively package to you or wish List: contents
Top – Copy
Glitch Pants- Copy
Flexi Skirt – Copy (touch script re sizer)
Blue lace design thigh high tights – Copy
Blue lace above wrist gloves- Copy

Also the Earring is a color touch script with  earrings chain drop Sculpts stones halter tie – COPY (Touch script re sizer & color changer over 60 colors)

Script Remover – All scripts used for resizing can be easily removed through the built-in menu. We ask Please Delete script once re size through the menu option