Two new Classical and Timeless releases  now at Bella Vida Vida Jazz Lounge by


Eleonore, a super tight long dress in a shiny rich colored silk.

(Clio)- Eleonore Poster Eleonore comes in 6 different color options. It is transferable and resizable via script (which you can delete once the fitting is done).
All textures are hand drawn and the prims are positioned one by one to ensure perfect coverage while walking and dancing.

(Clio)- Eleonore Brown GownPIC(Clio)- Eleonore Blue GownPIC(Clio)- Eleonore Black GownPIC(Clio)- Eleonore Purple GownPIC(Clio)- Eleonore Water GownPIC(Clio)- Eleonore Wine GownPIC

Marion is a cocktail dress. The skirt is full and knee-length, a combination of sculpted and flexi.

(Clio)- Marion PosterPIC

The outfit comes in 6 different vibrant colors.
All textures are hand drawn!The skirt can be resized via script.

(Clio)- Marion Moss DressPIC(Clio)- Marion Green DressPIC(Clio)- Marion Spring DressPIC(Clio)- Marion Mustard DressPIC(Clio)- Marion Rose DressPIC(Clio)- Marion Blue DressPIC

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(and stay tuned for more releases!)