Gelese Giano
new release Sequin Simone is out in more colors. This elegant and sophisticated one shoulder sculptured gown comes with a bold sequin V-cut bodice  and a very deep plunging back and high sexy slit.

This is a "Slinky Gown that must be in your couture wardrobe"

Sequin Simone includes:

Mini dress ( Just slip off  the Glitch pants and wear the Sensual Private mini piece, a quick change from formal to Sexy Sassy)

Jacket  top layer – copy
Glitch pant – copy
Flexi prim skirt – copy  delete Option re sizer
One shoulder sculptured folds- mod
Sensual Private mini piece- mod
Sculpt  disc double drop earrings 2P each- Mod

Price : 100L each Copy /Mod