With the Fall approaching gradually


is offering some great GROUP  VIP  Gifts exclusive to the Bella Vida  Velvet Jazz Lounge VIP Group.

First in the list  is the Ovanka Black Shimmer Gown By Gelese Giano : This is a digitally drawn gown with drape shimmer, plunging front and back with cross spaghetti strap and bustle at the hip. This gown can be worn for any event such as Moulin rouge, Vamps or New Year/ Xmas. Also included is the matching satin gloves.

Ovanka Black Shimmer gown-By Gelese Giano

Original Price : 200L Sales Price to BELLA VIDA VELEVET JAZZ LOUNGE  VIP’S : 20L

Second on the list is the Black widow Spider PUMPS -By Gelese Giano : This pumps ties are attached to the ankles so no odd slipping through the body or when you move around. These are Novelties Prim pumps.

Black widow Spider Pumps ad1Black widow Spider Pumps ad2

Sales Price : 20L

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