The Phantom of the Opera – The Day we have all been waiting for is finally here YAY !!! And instructions are in place for the  Manager Mr. Cameron Mackintosh and the Really Useful Theatre Company Inc. to entertain us all and no stopping.
For those who haven’t yet picked up a mask for the event, there is a free mask available at the Grand Ballroom Courtesy of
Lili Couture Collections which is available for both Male and female.Lili's Cheetah Opera Mask & Candy Red Apple LipglossLili's Male Opera Mask

You can check Lili Couture Collections for new items and lovely outfits.
   The Phantom of The Opera!

12PM SLT and 8PM SLT

❋ Spirited Emor (as The Phantom)
❋ Dilah Halostar (as Christine Daaé)

Followed by:
❋ MARA CHANDLER             2PM SLT
❋ JEWEL BRINNER               4PM SLT
❋ THWIP ZIFER                   5PM SLT
❋ SURREEL SKIZM               6PM SLT
❋ LEHMAN SHINN                7PM SLT
❋ Encore Presentation of  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA  8PM SLT

We await you at the Phantom of Opera Show.