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The holiday season is upon us! Break out the champagne and the mistletoe.

 Styles by Danielle hops on the party train this week with sparkly, shiny gown fest for all of your holiday needs.


The new dress at Danielle is great for this seasonal holidays and is transfer for gifting. It comes in 4 colors and the ankle boots are included:



Pease, check also the Sparkling night gown, elegant dress for your sparkling nights.  Boots are included as well.Fatpack


Jingle Bell Rock Holiday Hunt

Those rotten coppers stole our music! Can you be a cool cat and save the dance? Hit the town and find were those party poopers hid our sides Daddy-O! Check each shop and joint and maybe they will clue you in on where our Sides (vinyl records) are. Don’t be a square, be hip and make the scene!
Collect the sides (vinyl records) and get some cool prizes from the market sellers here at Bella Vida.

There are many shops along your travels for you to find the Vinyl Records. Those cops hid the sides (vinyl records) well and may be hidden anywhere on the Sim and in their shops.

Show us you can hang!

Hint: Follow those sounds to find the Sides

Jingle Bell rock hunt
While doing the hunt we hope you will enjoy our lovely jazz music, and LIVE music events. Please check signs by landing area for example of coins to seek.


♫  Styles by Danielle ♫ Lili’s Coutures ♫ Jairis ♫ Virtual Impression♫ Innuendo♫  S.Town  ♫ Coro Shoes ♫  Indyra Originals ♫ Lillou’s Designs♫  SF Designs♫  Jewelry Creations by Zuri ♫ Chez Gabrielle ♫  J’s Gemstones ♫ Revelation ♫  IC (ILLY Creations) ♫  GLAMOUR STYLE ♫ Dinki-Di Designs ♫ *VoguE*

This Hunt will begin the 10th Dec through 26th Dec 2011

What are we going to be looking out for?
Vinyl records which will be hidden anywhere in the sim. A sample of the vinyl record can be located on posters located around the sim.
Clues to where the  vinyl record are hidden will not be disclosed, you will have to figure out that yourself. When you find the vinyl record, click on it to buy the contents.


Join Bella Vida Velvet Jazz VIP Group if you wish by following this address you can easily type in local chat and then click on, or by requesting the host/hostess inside the club on his/her shift to add you:


Go around the sim shops and around the club, and find the gold coins hidden with your prize inside it.

* If you go inside the club to do the hunt, please respect our FORMAL dress code and wear a gown or cocktail dress, or a nice tuxedo.

No harassing merchants/hunters

No shouting out locations of the hunt items. 

Bella Vida staff members DO NOT KNOW where coins are hidden so please do not disturb them with hunt enquiries.

You can check our blog for hunt updates:

Please respect everyone participating:  designers, shop owners, Bella Vida Staff and other hunters. 

Please keep your prims as low as possible whilst hunting; do not wear a lot of primmy items, scripts and laggy items like meters and HUDs.  These items will slow things down for everyone.

Please do not contact shop owners directly.  All enquiries should come to prazillo Lemon in the form of notecards as IM’s are frequently capped. 

The starting LM is:

Preview of some of the amazing gifts!

coro shoesGS BUTTERFLYInnuendoJeweled HeadbandRevelationssf design mensf design womens hooded gilet redStown

Surround yourself with ruffles, intricate embroidery, and bold colors!

Lillou’s Design strives to bring you fabulous gowns that are memorable and special.


For a limited time pick up this “Delicious” gown for 199L


Also NEW at Lillou’s Designs


Bella Vida now welcomes J’s Gemstones, where you may shop for Trendy, Sexy, Fun, & Affordable Jewelry!

Hi Guys,
I was asked to write a short introduction to tell you a bit about myself
I’m Andreaus but you’re welcome to call me Andy.

Way back when I first started SL I used to host at a club but alas I’m not one for a lot of rules so ended up getting sacked and banned! LOL But as it turns out it was a good thing, I was bored and asked my friend for a challenge she sent me a table and said make a copy of this, well to me this was all alien as I didn’t even know how to rezz a prim, but eventually by trial and a lot of errors I made it and found my true vocation in SL.

I love working with tiny prims the smaller the better so jewelry was a natural progression for me, just over 3 yrs. later I’m still making it.

I make mainly formal jewelry designed specifically to go with formal gowns I love pearls so I work with those quite a lot now.

I have made some brand new pieces especially for the opening of my stand at Bella Vida.

Black  Pearls with Opals


I made a pledge to my customers when I first started selling pearls that I would keep them under 300L$ there is only one set over 300L$
This set contains 11 necklaces with different Gemstones

Other pearl necklaces


FREE GIFT @ J’s Gemstones!

I have left a free gift  on my stand a 3 strand pearl choker I hope you like it 🙂

3 strand pearl necklace free gift


To launch my new shop at Bella Vida I have created a special limited edition set of 3 pearl necklaces! My limited edition sets usually sell for 600L$ plus. This is a limited offer ONLY until Sunday 4th December.

This set will only be on sale at Bella Vida then it will be removed from sale and my copies will be destroyed and never sold again!

This set is available to you for only 85L$ to celebrate the opening of my shop!!multi


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