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is out with a very cute stiletto which skyrocket your feminine statement  and is a sure stunner

This gorgeous stiletto from Dinki -Di is embellished with a unique rose flower detail and its oozes a youthfulness to the style.

This silk rose stiletto comes with a texture change  in 3 versions.

V1 all the roses change together and the shoes has a range of colour;
10 colors in each. This stiletto comes with a diamond ankle band.

V2 the roses has 3 color menus with the shoe, Comes with a diamond ankle band
Shoes comes also in 10 colours ; with the Rose 1 having 10 colours and also
Rose 2 has 10 different colors to choose from.

Silk Rose Open Toe Stiletto’s
This is a texture change stiletto’s with 10 color’s to choose from plus the ADD-ON roses.
This allows you to wear the stiletto’s with or without the roses, the roses comes with  Rose 1 and Rose 2 menu.

All 3 versions give you endless color combinations to choose from.

The LACI stiletto’s cames in 3 styles, 2 stiletto sandals and a stiletto boot.

V1 is a silver stiletto sandal with 2 gem change menus. gem 1 and gem 2.
11 colors in each.
22 colors in all

V2 has 3 color change menu’s with 11 colours in each for the shoe, gem 1 and gem 2
33 color’s in all
This stiletto has a diamond ankle band.

The LACI stiletto boots has 3 menu’s for the gems, gem 1, gem 2 and boots.
33 color combinations in all.

All 3 versions gives you endless color combinations to choose from.

Happy shopping at Dinki-di Designs.
P.S  Skin Hud Matching is a service done free for Dinki-di Group Members.

Both the Silk Rose and Laci foot wear have matching jewellery sold at jewellery By Zuri Rayna

Bring out your inner Bombshell with these fiery heels.



is out with something new and fresh and no other way to look like a Queen than with this gorgeous strapless dress called Gravois. This strapless dress features a deep neckline that is met by ruffle. The bodice spills into the gorgeous mermaid skirt and becomes a sea of stunning fabric.

Gravois Ad (Gold)

Gravois Ad (Magenta)Gravois Ad (Marine)Gravois Ad (Noir)

Gravois Ad (Ruby)Gravois Ad (Sapphire)

 At Bliss Couture Hair and Accessories store also at Bella Vida ,

You will find these gorgeous hats to accessories and complement your outfits and there are available in

different style and pattern for your occasion and formal event.

Aquaglo Hat Ad

Lorielle Hat AdNatzuka Hat AdElla Hat AdShaleesa Hat AdImani Hat AdMio Hat AdAradia Hat AdMezzo Hat AdNascha AdIndria Hat AdAlethia Hat AdBeatriz Hat Ad

Blake Hat Ad

Be the epitome of elegance …

 Lili’s Couture Designs

new release are these fantastic evening gown called Lili’s Dolce.

These stunning dress comes with an halter-style straps and a deep and sexy neckline with strap for the back only. This gown is fitted through the straps of the bodice and the skirt has a dramatic sweep with a slit at one side. The long train at the back of the skirt adds a stylish impact. Lili’s Dolce is available in other gorgeous colours as seen in post.

Another new Release also at Lili’s Couture Store is the Eros Spring Gown which also features a vivacious halter-style top  stop at the belly to show some skin.The skirt descend from the hips and reveals a floor length skirt with a subtle flare.


Styles By Danielle

first Mesh dress called the “Spring Dream” is out now at Bella Vida YAY!!! .

The name says it all – it is a romantic dress that can be easily turned into a party mini dress. In both cases, it has an eye-flattering floral design and you can wear it in many ways.

The tube dress part is from a rigged mesh and the attachments are flexi. They come in two colors – lighter and darker color. The mesh dress comes in 5 standard sizes. The alpha layer for them is included and if you can wear it without the alpha, there are undies in the package 🙂

The hat you see on the dress picture is sold separately:

When it comes to luxurious  and captivating style, you can’t go wrong with the new release gowns from

 Lillou’s Designs @ Bella Vida

which comes with ultra-fine texturing  and very eye-catching features and accent adornment for the  shoulder straps, skirt embellishments  and  the wings  as seen in the Scandelicious Gowns to accents your exotic style!

The subtly flared floor-length skirt, comes bursting with ombre coloring which flows to the floor gracefully.

Skyrocket your Confidence when you don this Luxurious and Captivating Gowns!

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