is out with a very cute stiletto which skyrocket your feminine statement  and is a sure stunner

This gorgeous stiletto from Dinki -Di is embellished with a unique rose flower detail and its oozes a youthfulness to the style.

This silk rose stiletto comes with a texture change  in 3 versions.

V1 all the roses change together and the shoes has a range of colour;
10 colors in each. This stiletto comes with a diamond ankle band.

V2 the roses has 3 color menus with the shoe, Comes with a diamond ankle band
Shoes comes also in 10 colours ; with the Rose 1 having 10 colours and also
Rose 2 has 10 different colors to choose from.

Silk Rose Open Toe Stiletto’s
This is a texture change stiletto’s with 10 color’s to choose from plus the ADD-ON roses.
This allows you to wear the stiletto’s with or without the roses, the roses comes with  Rose 1 and Rose 2 menu.

All 3 versions give you endless color combinations to choose from.

The LACI stiletto’s cames in 3 styles, 2 stiletto sandals and a stiletto boot.

V1 is a silver stiletto sandal with 2 gem change menus. gem 1 and gem 2.
11 colors in each.
22 colors in all

V2 has 3 color change menu’s with 11 colours in each for the shoe, gem 1 and gem 2
33 color’s in all
This stiletto has a diamond ankle band.

The LACI stiletto boots has 3 menu’s for the gems, gem 1, gem 2 and boots.
33 color combinations in all.

All 3 versions gives you endless color combinations to choose from.

Happy shopping at Dinki-di Designs.
P.S  Skin Hud Matching is a service done free for Dinki-di Group Members.

Both the Silk Rose and Laci foot wear have matching jewellery sold at jewellery By Zuri Rayna

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