.:: *L.C.* ::. Fashion Design

Managed by InsideOut Clip to Bella Vida and the Grand Opening of this new shop is at Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Club.

 LC  Fashion Design  has been in SL since 2007 and they have been selling unique dresses.If you want to attend a ball, candle-light-dinner or a romantic evening, you will find your perfect fitting dress here at .:: *L.C.* ::. Fashion Design .

See some of the awesome designs available at the shop

.:LC:. AYLA Maternity Evening Gown

**~~ DESERT ROSE II.~~**

is a beautiful designer gown in gentle creme mixed with a light rose.The part of cream represent  purity and the geniality,

and the part of the rose represent lovely and colorfulness.
Two Harmony is mixed gently and softly,and you are represented with love.


As the tradition, a free gift is available in the shop. The Grand open gift is available for the first 15 people  that show up.

So hurry over and ensure you check out all the lovely items in the shop.

The Make-up tattoo layer comes in 4 colors : Red/Pink,Red,Pink,Orange