On the 1st of March 2009 Bella Vida Velvet jazz Lounge or “Bella’s” to its patrons celebrated its 1 year anniversary.
Yu Messmer the owner of Bella’s saw Bella Vida and decided to take it over from the original owners (Kinyo Nino and Cybele Pontoppidan) and has transformed it into what it is today.
The Bella Vida experience starts as soon as you TP in. From the very fashionable shopping experience with all the top designers in SL, including SF Designs, Styles of Edo, Alyssa Bijoux and My Precious to name but a few.
The staff at Bella’s are always courteous, helpful and always professional. Marienna Cortes Bella’s General Manager and Yu’s right hand person, is always professional in the way she trains the staff to the highest of standards.
Come and listen to some of SL best Live Musicians. DJ’s are also very popular at Bella’s with DJ SISSY GUFLER, DJ ANGELMOON JEWELL, THE DEALER (DJ JEN NOEL) and the very popular DJ RAY TRAFALGAR.
Bella’s also offers themed events with the whole dance floor being changed into whatever the theme is on that night. Some of the popular themed events include Arabian Nights, 1940’s, Mardi Gras, Alice in Wonderland, Disco Night and the Swing Revival Night. For singles Bella’s has the 1st SPEED DATING night in SL.
Hop on one of the majestic Black Swans and take a romantic tour around the Bella’s with your loved one.