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A little something more for the gentlemen, we’re very excited to announce the newest vendor to join Bella Vida: Illusions!
A very urban grunge style, this shope has clothing, shapes, skins, eyes. Stop by and see what this talented designer has in store for you!

Illusions @ The Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge Mall

Illusions @ The Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge Mall

We’ll see you there:   BELLA VIDA – ILLUSION



Madeliefste Oh was inspired by trees in this time of the year when she made her newest design called ‘Autumn herself ’. Autumn brings wonderful and vibrant colours to nature, and that is what we see back in this huge gown. Sunny yellow is combined with fading green, deep red and warm orange. 

This extravagant design aims to surprise. When you see it from a far distance you might think ‘Wow, that is a long train on that gown’, but when you come closer you may ask yourself:  ‘Is this actually a gown? It looks like this woman is wearing half a tree on her backside…’

The train of the gown is partly made of wood. There are branches that carry the autumn leaves printed fabric. The whole creation is covered with small leaves on branches that stick out of the fabric and also decorate the hair, which is part of the outfit.

‘Autumn herself ’ has the possibility to loose leaves. The woman who wears the dress can decide whether she will keep her leaves with her or let them go. This is done with a fall script, that you can handle by chat. You just say ‘fall on’ of ‘fall off’ to control your leaves loss.

The beauty of autumn is short. Once the winds starts blowing trees will soon loose their gorgeous look, and in the end they will be naked, and must stay undressed for whole winter.
The creation is completed with wooden gloves and long branch fingers. These fingers are both a warning and an encouragement: a warning to prepare for the winter to come, and an encouragement to enjoy beauty as long as it lasts.

Hello all, Veruca Babii host manager of the lovely Bella Vida. I want to share with you why I adore Agnes Finney, My Precious Store here at the Bella Vida Mall.

We all agree that Agnes does a wonderful job in all her work. Now lets me say that I love the way that her gowns flutter around you. How it sways as you walk, as you dance and even as you stand! Who doesn’t like to watch themselves on the dance floor as material sweeps around you and your partner like loving arms.

You will always find wonderful colors and textures on her gowns. So many that you get dizzy. But such a wonderful spin it is!

Come down to Bella Vida and see the great shops here and visit My Precious from Agnes Finney. Once you have one of her gowns you will know what it’s like to be a Precious Princess.

Bella Vida – Agnes Finney

Veruca Babii

Featuring Formal Wear for Men.  ★ Styles of Edo ★ was selected  as one of SL’s premiere Shops in 2008!!   MFA 2008- BEST MALE FASHION LABEL AND VAIN INC, READERS CHOICE AWARD 2008- BEST MALL FORMAL WEAR!    Style of Edo Blog

Men, are you looking for that one classy tuxedo or suit that fits you just right?  Ladies?  Looking for that one classy gift to give that special man in your life?   Styles of Edo is the place to be go!

Take the Bella Vida Taxi below to the ★ Style of Edo’s ★ front door!

Bella Vida-Styles of Edo

Season’s greetings everyone! We’re going to try something new here. Most of you who’ve visited us know we have some of the most talented DJ’s and performers in SL. But did you know we also have some of the biggest names in formal wear design too? Clothing, shoes, jewelry, everything needed for an elegant evening out, these wonderful vendors also have a shop right here! And while you explore around the sim, shop, or take pictures of you and your Sweetheart at the various romantic spots on the sim, you can hear some of the finest jazz and romantic favorites streaming 24/7 from the open air outdoor ballroom.

Just a small sample of the designers to be found here are: Zhao Shoes, Agnes Finney, Styles of Edo, La Dulce Vida, SF Design, Rufeena, Glitterati (are you drooling yet?), Clio, Alyssa Bijoux (!!!), Chez Gabrielle, Bliss Couture, JCNY!  All located on a lag free sim.

Come take a look around Bella Vida’s Mall, relax at the club and bookmark this blog! We will be announcing any and all specials, sales, hunts, etc taking place right here. And if you’re a vendor, we still have a few shops available for rent. Please contact our Mall Manager, Tyson Tigerauge, for details. 😉

Thanks so much and we hope to see you soon!

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